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Local inventory ads expand to more countries and formats

More and more people turn to search to plan their local shopping trips. In fact, 83% of shoppers would be more likely to visit a store if they could check the availability of an item online beforehand.1 Since we launched local inventory ads in the US last fall, many savvy retailers have taken advantage of the opportunity to promote their store items to nearby shoppers on Google.2 Now, we’re excited to make these ads available in the UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia. (more…)

Extend the reach of your Product Listing Ads to qualified shoppers

With the growth of product queries across the web, advertisers are looking for new ways to connect their products to interested shoppers.

By opting your Shopping Campaigns into Google’s search partners, you can now reach users as they search or browse for products on retail and commerce sites in the Google Search Network. These retailers, such as, are part of AdSense for Shopping, our latest product to help monetize site traffic. (more…)

Even Soda Companies Think You Should Drink Less of Their Product

In perhaps the most unexpected diet news of the day, the four biggest soda companies in America—PepsiCo, The Coca-Cola Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and the American Beverage Association—announced yesterday that they are starting a major marketing campaign to encourage you to drink less of their product and more flavored water, as well as choose diet drinks over the regular kind. The companies have partnered with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a national nonprofit dedicated to reducing childhood obesity, to help make that happen.